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Here’s a great buy–A reversible hoodie for P599! Totally awesome price for a totally awesome product! Hahaha a little bit too much praising. COVER-UP is made by entrep students (*ehem* who are my friends) from DLSU. Check them out at But seriously, I really find this to be a great buy. Let me list […]

Thank you, Yahoo Insider. Without you, I would not have stumbled upon this iconic piece of clothing. I’m supposed to keep this a “secret” but what the heck. Last week, Nov. 24 to be exact, I found out about this jacket. I was with a friend who fell head-over-heels too. We spent about 3 or […]



Shoe-lovers! You’ve probably seen several multiply sites selling gorgeous shoes. Well, here’s their secret: Click and go crazy! My “Stuff I Want” folder in my laptop is bursting with pictures from that website. I can seriously spend hours just ogling over the pictures. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Here are some of the pictures in my […]