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Ohhh my.


Just saw these Pradas from and I just wanted to say that they are unbelievably AMAZING. If I had those shoes… Oh man. I might die from palpitations. (Photo is from Sigh… So, I’ve come up with 9 designs for my shoe line and I’ve sent them to my dad. I hope he […]

It’s 5:20am where I live and I’m still up drawing shoes for… wait for it… my future shoe line! 😀 I really hope this happens. I started sketching earlier today when my mom and I were stuck in expressway traffic. Armed with a tiny piece of paper and my phone as an even tinier light […]

Two months?? Wow, gone a bit too long. School has been keeping me pretty busy. Plus I’ve been baking pretty often. Maybe I’ll upload photos of the food I’ve been making sometime. Two months and only 1 new pair. Sigh… ‘Twas a very slow couple of months. I have 4 pairs on my realistic wish […]