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Spikes, not studs, are everywhere! Even in I Can Has Cheezburger!   Check out these crazy stay-away-or-I-may-prick-you shoes which I found on     More spiky shoes!             The evil cousin of the YSL mohawk:       Spikes and neon! Reminds me of grade school for some reason. […]

Sucks that I don’t have a camera to take photos 😦 All I can do is leech off the net. Here’s my reachable shoe wish list! Simpleng pangarap lang. These are on sale. *winkwink* On sale. *WINKWINKWINKWINKWINK* Someone else might get it before… *winkwink*   PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Photos from: Gold Dot Virtual […]

I turned *gasp* 22 yesterday. I didn’t celebrate or anything but it was the best birthday EVER! I was able to get pairs of shoes which I’ve been coveting for at least 4 months! WHAT! So here’s how it went… Last Friday, I went to the mall and made a beeline for Trunkshow for these […]

Wow this is probably my most creative title yet! And it came to me in a heartbeat. Check out these photos taken by the h-amazing Jowell Mariano of Imagine Nation Photography. Swerte, libre! Location: Mall of Asia Some photos I took with Jowell’s camera: I want a DSLR 😦 _________________________________ Here’s Stitches, my newest pair […]



I was sooo looking forward to last weekend — SuperSale at The Rockwell Tent! My mind was set on buying a pair of shoes. It’s even written in my planner. Particularly the neon Pretty Young Thing pumps from Renegade Folk which I have been constantly checking on. I was waiting for the SuperSale, hoping that […]