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Spikes, not studs, are everywhere! Even in I Can Has Cheezburger!   Check out these crazy stay-away-or-I-may-prick-you shoes which I found on     More spiky shoes!             The evil cousin of the YSL mohawk:       Spikes and neon! Reminds me of grade school for some reason. […]

I have been waiting for these to be posted online since I saw them at the St. James Bazaar last December!!! Ugh I need to get a job! Too many things on my list! I badly need these.  They’re called Becky and they’re by Trunkshow. One of my, if not most, favorite online shoe brands. […]



“The irrational fear of clusters of holes, pods, circles, cracks, cuts and/or other asymmetrical shapes, esp. those found in nature. Common examples of trypophobia inducing items include lotus seed pods, lamprey eels, skin grafts, and Surinam toads.” (   I have a few friends who cringe when they see clusters of dots or bubbles or […]

I am now what people call a bum. YAAAAAAAAAY! 😀 Hooray hooray! Thesis is COMPLETELY over. College is over. March nalang! Grad shoes?   Catch-up… Catch-up… Catchup… Catchup… Ketchup. Got these flats from the St. James Bazaar. Didn’t buy them only for the name, I swear! I didn’t even know. Coincidentally, Justin the person was also […]