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I was sooo looking forward to last weekend — SuperSale at The Rockwell Tent! My mind was set on buying a pair of shoes. It’s even written in my planner. Particularly the neon Pretty Young Thing pumps from Renegade Folk which I have been constantly checking on. I was waiting for the SuperSale, hoping that […]

Last Dec 30, 2009 was one of the 174 happiest days of my life! 3 pairs of shoes in an hour 🙂 I literally could not stop smiling. The Ramp at Trinoma, you are heaven on earth. I seriously felt like I was going to faint once I turned at the corner and saw rows […]

Stuff I Want


It’s been almost 4 months since my last entry. Crazy. This entry is titled “Stuff I Want” because the photos are all from my “Stuff I Want” folder hehe _______________________________________________________________ Tonight, my parents and I had dinner at Haiku GB3 and my dad commented that if I really want shoes, I should blog more. And […]