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I haven’t actually seen that movie. I’d like to thank my awesome friend Jed for taking these photos 😀 He just recently came home from a Euro-intern-work-trip and sent these photos for me to post! A couple though, I stole from his Facebook >:) Hahaha I can imagine Jed going, “Uh… I think this is […]



Have I just been converted? Sloths and otters over puppehs!!! ♥ Credit:



If you’ve seen Step Up 3 in 3D then you know what BFAB means. If not, go and watch! Now, what’s BIWD? Born in the wrong decade. Noice noice. I got the idea from a youtube comment. Enjoy. You will cry. Looovely. Hooray for Renee Olstead and Aldo the Youtube Guy.

I’ve been playing a few (or a lot) of Facebook games. One of them’s Market Street and something in the game is a fashion felony. Did you spot it? Clue. It’s not the design of the store. I just don’t have enough money to fix it up yet 😦 Who’s playing Baking Life, Happy Island, […]