Nike Metallic Windrunner 2008


Thank you, Yahoo Insider. Without you, I would not have stumbled upon this iconic piece of clothing.

I’m supposed to keep this a “secret” but what the heck.

Last week, Nov. 24 to be exact, I found out about this jacket. I was with a friend who fell head-over-heels too. We spent about 3 or 4 hours just choosing our favorite color combination and reading articles about it. Some may call us crazy. You’re crazy if you don’t find this windrunner absolutely breathtaking. Siiiiggghhh…

It’s iconic. It’s limited. It’s gorgeous. It’s mine.

24 color combinations. *droooooool*

The next day, we rushed to Nike Park at Boni High Street to (hopefully) buy the windrunner. Heck, I couldn’t contain my excitement that I ran to the store! And there it was. In the color that I wanted. Purple and gold. Beeeyoooottiiifulll!!! 😀

My friend bought his right then and there. I have to wait for Christmas. 😥 And that’s if my mom decides to get it for me. *crosses fingers*

Sold from Nov. 15-Dec 31, 2008 only


pink illusionwhite)

Check out


5 Responses to “Nike Metallic Windrunner 2008”

  1. 1 michelle

    where do yu buy them :$.

  2. 3 vietnam

    leave a message on my email if sb sell

  3. Hi everyone, I’m pretty sure these windrunners aren’t sold in regular Nike stores anymore but I just recently saw a few in a Nike outlet store. Thing is, the sizes and colors are very, very limited. The ones I saw were gold-pink in XL only. 😦 Maybe you can try your luck with the outlet stores around your area.

  4. 5 Joseph Musa

    Hola estoy muy interesado en comprar un pack de trajes Nike Windrunner Metallic y más colores nuevos ¿podrían mandarme fotos de los modelos que disponen? .
    Si tienen Adidas clasic o Franklin & Marshall También me interesa.
    Gracias por su atención espero atentamente su respuesta.
    Hi I am very interested in buying a pack of suits Nike Windrunner Metallic and new colors. Could you send me photos of models available? .
    If you have Adidas Classic, or Franklin & Marshall I am also interested.
     Thanks for listening attentively I hope your answer.

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