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My cousin showed this to me. They’re made by Sugar Envy and how fitting is that name. FANTASTIC. Advertisements

Sucks that I don’t have a camera to take photos 😦 All I can do is leech off the net. Here’s my reachable shoe wish list! Simpleng pangarap lang. These are on sale. *winkwink* On sale. *WINKWINKWINKWINKWINK* Someone else might get it before… *winkwink*   PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Photos from: Gold Dot Virtual […]

My cameras :(


They’re both broken and so is my phone thus, I have nothing to do but to get photos online. I’ve forgotten how I came to searching for Liz Taylor’s photos but I was and I was reminded of how insanely gorgeous movie stars back in the day were.   Sophia Loren was crazy pretty too. […]