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I’ve been reading comments and watching videos about U-Kiss and Mo Twister and I just learned about this issue 30 minutes ago. I had no idea what U-Kiss is so I checked it out on Youtube. Hmm… My thought after 5 seconds was that they look like a group of Adam Lamberts. I love the […]

You’ve probably seen this cover but that’s not what I want to comment on. It’s this Jessica Simpson quote I read from a Today article. Ewww… :s “I’ll usually wash my hair and let it air dry wavy, but if I’m just in a hang-out mood, I won’t even wash it,” Simpson said. “I’ll wait […]

I saw checked out this Yahoo article and come on. They’re not that bad! I think 10 out of the 12 are totally fine. The Alexander McQueen ones are just crazy. The first one’s my favorite ♥

Proud I am. moar funny pictures

What’s new? Well my laptop Coolio needs major hard drive surgery. He’s currently a vegetable resting in a warm, zebra printed case. Also, Justin’s got a new dog. A husky named Sasha. She’s Pepper’s (Justin’s other dog, a dachshund) biggest fan. Sasha follows Pepper everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Here they are on the day Sasha arrived at […]