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I love the new designs from SM department store! Bright, summery, a bit of a festive tribal feel. Interesting heel! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry. Advertisements

Oh. My. GOSH.


Heeey… I just ate a cranberry raisinet that wasn’t covered in chocolate. It was just a cranberry. Lugi. Return this bag! :O

Photo Dump


In 8 days, it will be exactly 3 months since my last post! I didn’t know how to start so I’ve decided to just make this a photo dump entry. Currently obsessing over: ♥ ♥ ♥

The Men Pen.


Found this while watching a Youtube video on eyebrow threading. Make up for men?? “The Men Pen™ is a men’s concealer product specifically designed to conceal specific areas like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes, or just rough spots! You’ll love the self confidence you get from The Men Pen! This is the same makeup […]

My last week and a half may possibly be the most memorable ever. From winning a rather big contest, to losing a loved one, to three job interviews and a job offer in 4 hours, to getting a stye for the first time, to graduating from college, and  going to a public market alone… all […]



Spikes, not studs, are everywhere! Even in I Can Has Cheezburger!   Check out these crazy stay-away-or-I-may-prick-you shoes which I found on     More spiky shoes!             The evil cousin of the YSL mohawk:       Spikes and neon! Reminds me of grade school for some reason. […]

I have been waiting for these to be posted online since I saw them at the St. James Bazaar last December!!! Ugh I need to get a job! Too many things on my list! I badly need these.  They’re called Becky and they’re by Trunkshow. One of my, if not most, favorite online shoe brands. […]