What a nice color!

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Photo Dump


In 8 days, it will be exactly 3 months since my last post! I didn’t know how to start so I’ve decided to just make this a photo dump entry.

Forever 21 polka dotted peeptoes

Forever 21 Laura spotted pumps

Parisian wedges

with Peanut

Parisian flats

Christian Siriano for Payless Alexa pumps

Charles and Keith espadrille wedges

Pierre (he can't reach it) and Goober




Pierre still can't reach it


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β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

Check out this video from IGN. Hilarious!!! πŸ˜€





The coolness in the wind has gone to make way for the summer sun!

That rhymed. Sorta.

I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for awesome swimwear. And the first brand that comes to mind is Sassa Activewear. Where else can you buy a bikini set for less than P600? Where?? Or a tankini set for less than P700? It’s a rarity now since, from what I’ve seen, quality bikinis sell for P1,000 on average. And you can’t even buy the tops and bottoms separately. How often do you pass up a super cute bikini top because of the bottom? Or the other way around. This is why I love Sassa Activewear. Their tops and bottoms can be bought separately! I mean, if we can buy bras and panties separately, why not swimwear? It just makes sense.

Here’s my newest pair from Sassa!

I love the little pink graphic design on the corner. If I feel like wearing the top strapless, I just make it ipit (hahaha how do you translate that). Thank you so much, Ms. Elga Reyes! She who shares the same name! πŸ™‚

The black tankini would fit right into my growing Sassa collection.

I’ve got my eye on a couple tankinis. Hoping to get them before beach season!

Here are some of the designs from the Summer 2011 collection of Sassa Activewear:

Sassa Bikini #972 P599.75

Sassa Bikini #975 P599.75

Sassa Bikini #1034 P699.75

Sassa Bikini #1046 P599.75

Sassa One-piece Swimsuit #981 P699.75

This orange one piece is definitely my favorite. So retro! Something that I bet my lola would’ve worn back in the 60’s!

Sassa One-piece Swimsuit #1069 P649.75

Sassa Rashguard #994 P599.75; Sassa Bikini #976 P599.75

Sassa Rashguard #997 P699.75; Sassa One-piece Swimsuit #980 P649.75

You can find Sassa swim and active wear in department stores such as The Landmark Makati & Trinoma; Robinsons Department Stores; SM Hypermarket; Metro Market Market and in many department stores nationwide. Check out www.sassa.com.ph or go to Sassa Activewear on Facebook and like their page!

Oh,Β  and I’d like to thank Ms. Rossana Unson, Marketing Manager of New Barbizon Fashion Inc., for going out of her way to help me find this bikini from three years ago:

The size left is XL so if you’re an XL, hurry! πŸ™‚


What’s the only thing that kills a vacation faster than screaming children on the airplane? Bloodthirsty zombies.


I had such a hard time embedding the video from IGN. I wonder why?

Sigh, I can’t play this game without an Xbox 😦 Oh wait!

Also on: PC, PS3


I wonder why I suddenly remembered the infamous VJ Greg?

Your favorite bikini. Mmm…

Well, one of my favorite buhkini brands is Sassa Activewear. This link from their Multiply has been open in my browser for more than a week now. The print is so cute! The cut is nice, too. I haven’t owned a tankini since I was 13 or something but that will soon change.

Tankinis. Mmm…

I wonder if the straps are removable.

The top above sells for only P349.75! Literally a fraction of the cost of others of the same quality. Like, at the very least, half the price. I hope I find this style in the mall!

Sassa website

Sassa Facebook page

Sassa Multiply page

The Men Pen.


Found this while watching a Youtube video on eyebrow threading.

Make up for men??

The Men Penβ„’ is a men’s concealer product specifically designed to conceal specific areas like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes, or just rough spots! You’ll love the self confidence you get from The Men Pen! This is the same makeup for men that male actors, models, and businessmen use in their everyday life. The Men Penβ„’ comes in 17 colors so there’s a match for everyone.”

No, please! Unless you’re an actor on set or a male model… Actually, no. Because a make up artist would be there. Under no circumstances should any guy own his own concealer.
Well, unless you really want to then fine. To each his own.

Anyway, The Men Pen costs $17.95 (a little less than P800) and is available in 17 shades (!). The ship worldwide and you’re allowed to swap colors until satisfied. Sounds like a good deal… for girls.

Obviously Photoshopped.

17 shades!

If you’re interested, visit http://www.themenpen.com/.


Moving on…


Oh, it’s too small.


Alexander Wang Fall 2011

I guess I really love brown shoes. In this case, metallic brown.


How festive!


Close up photos from www.style.com