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I wonder why I suddenly remembered the infamous VJ Greg? Your favorite bikini. Mmm… Well, one of my favorite buhkini brands is Sassa Activewear. This link from their Multiply has been open in my browser for more than a week now. The print is so cute! The cut is nice, too. I haven’t owned a […]

Last Wednesday, February 24, I thought all roads were leading to A. Venue for the Sassa Salutes Summer 2010 Preview fashion show.  It took me two hours to get to Makati Avenue from Glorietta in Ayala – what should otherwise have been just a 15-minute drive at most.  And to think it was also the […]

Sassa Swimwear. Ever heard of it? I attended the Sassa Summer Collection Preview in Aquaknox last February 17 and congratulations to the swimwear designer of  Sassa, Ms. Gertie Hermanos, and the Marketing  Manager of New Barbizon Fashion, Inc., Ms. Rossana  Lammoglia-Unson — the event turned out awesome!  The food and drinks were great. Especially those  […]

Thank you, Yahoo Insider. Without you, I would not have stumbled upon this iconic piece of clothing. I’m supposed to keep this a “secret” but what the heck. Last week, Nov. 24 to be exact, I found out about this jacket. I was with a friend who fell head-over-heels too. We spent about 3 or […]