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“The irrational fear of clusters of holes, pods, circles, cracks, cuts and/or other asymmetrical shapes, esp. those found in nature. Common examples of trypophobia inducing items include lotus seed pods, lamprey eels, skin grafts, and Surinam toads.” (   I have a few friends who cringe when they see clusters of dots or bubbles or […]

My cameras :(


They’re both broken and so is my phone thus, I have nothing to do but to get photos online. I’ve forgotten how I came to searching for Liz Taylor’s photos but I was and I was reminded of how insanely gorgeous movie stars back in the day were.   Sophia Loren was crazy pretty too. […]

I’ve been playing a few (or a lot) of Facebook games. One of them’s Market Street and something in the game is a fashion felony. Did you spot it? Clue. It’s not the design of the store. I just don’t have enough money to fix it up yet 😦 Who’s playing Baking Life, Happy Island, […]