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The other night, Justin and I tried out Park Avenue Desserts at Paseo de Magallanes. It’s a small dessert cafe that also serves savory items. We got a lemon meringue pie (P150), pistachio, salted caramel and hazelnut macaron (P30 each), and coffee (P80 for the usual, P120 for the “arte” types). The macarons were pretty […]

Gaia Repossi


Barneys featured Gaia Repossi and her designs about three days ago. In the email newsletter, they advertised the Berbère ring and that simple, multi-band design was enough to get me to click on the link. The ring and cuff from the Berbère collection are definitely my favorites. If I had to choose a third, the plain yellow […]

Oh. My. GOSH.


Heeey… I just ate a cranberry raisinet that wasn’t covered in chocolate. It was just a cranberry. Lugi. Return this bag! :O



What a nice color! Google images search for Chanel Black Pearl.

Photo Dump


In 8 days, it will be exactly 3 months since my last post! I didn’t know how to start so I’ve decided to just make this a photo dump entry. Currently obsessing over: ♥ ♥ ♥

Check out this video from IGN. Hilarious!!! 😀   PS3!!!

The Men Pen.


Found this while watching a Youtube video on eyebrow threading. Make up for men?? “The Men Pen™ is a men’s concealer product specifically designed to conceal specific areas like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes, or just rough spots! You’ll love the self confidence you get from The Men Pen! This is the same makeup […]