I have been waiting for these to be posted online since I saw them at the St. James Bazaar last December!!! Ugh I need to get a job! Too many things on my list!

I badly need these.  They’re called Becky and they’re by Trunkshow. One of my, if not most, favorite online shoe brands. They’re inspired by the Miu Miu 2010 Satin Swallow pumps:

Becky’s steal at P1350 compared to the Miu Miu pumps which retail at roughly $300. That’s 10x the price!

Becky also comes in beige:

They’re so comfortable and would look great with thin socks or stockings. Like how you’d dress for the office! *koff*koff*

These would also be perfect for job interviews! *koff*koff*koff*koff* MOoOoOoOM! Size 8. Black. Thank you.

(Photo of Miu Miu pumps from ioffer.com)


2 Responses to “WILL WORK FOR SHOES”

  1. 1 meee

    you’re still up? what happened with the interview? haha

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