My cameras :(


They’re both broken and so is my phone thus, I have nothing to do but to get photos online. I’ve forgotten how I came to searching for Liz Taylor’s photos but I was and I was reminded of how insanely gorgeous movie stars back in the day were.



Sophia Loren was crazy pretty too.

How distracting.

I think I’m turning into a lola.

I scored a bunch of pretty awesome things last week but I haven’t found the time to borrow a camera or something. Maybe next week, I’ll post them.

For now, I would like to end with a FABULOUS photo of Taylor Momsen. 😐

This scares me.

Seriously? Her skin is the worst part. And why’d they crop the dog out?

The Z on my keyboard’s all jacked up. Probably from all the ctrl+z’s.


2 Responses to “My cameras :(”

  1. 1 meee

    ahahahha I did not notice that the dog was cropped until you said so =))

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