Best Birthday EVER!


I turned *gasp* 22 yesterday. I didn’t celebrate or anything but it was the best birthday EVER! I was able to get pairs of shoes which I’ve been coveting for at least 4 months! WHAT! So here’s how it went…

Last Friday, I went to the mall and made a beeline for Trunkshow for these black lace-up Ann Demeulemeester inspired boots which I got for half the price!

Alana by Trunkshow

I had them changed to a size bigger because I thought my toes were hanging out a bit

Justin wasn’t sure what to make of them at first but they eventually grew on him. I changed to them since my Possibility zebra heels were taking a toll on my feet. And yes, I’m in SM! I attempted to buy a couple pairs of flats but they didn’t have my size… and they never will because turns out, my feet are too big for SM!!! 😥 Oh well…

After SM and Glorietta, Justin and I went to Glorietta 5 to have dinner but I was distracted by the Janilyn store. If you ever go to G5, you have to check out the Janilyn store! The shoes there are sooo gorgeous you will die. I wanted these leopard print satin booties but they only had size 4 and 6!

My heart...............

Oh man, it’s blurry 😦

My size was at a photoshoot and was coming back a week later. I cried a bit then moved on to these beautiful ones. *drooling*


I can't get over these.

I died.

Blugehuadegaboluhdmequefoliculmehasdjkh… These shoes make me blabber like a crazed fan meeting her idol. I couldn’t stop smiling when the saleslady handed me over the paper bag. Thank you, Justin!!!! Best birthday gift ever!

My gad see what these shoes do to me? I’m eating grapes right now and I mistakenly put the stalk in my mouth and not the grape.

My loves in daylight.


The next day, Justin and I went to Rockwell to watch Toy Story 3 but mainly, for these Soule Phenomenon heels that I’ve been eyeing for months and months and months and months! They’re called “Jane”.  I’m guessing after Jane Aldridge since they’re inspired from one of her million pairs of shoes.

Jane by Soule Phenomenon

the mirror's dirty

I made a huge mistake of walking on jagged rocks!!! Now the heels are busted up 😦 Is there a way for them to be repaired??

Oh no 😦

Here’s the other pair I got from Soule Phenomenon. The pop of pink is so cute but it makes it harder to match outfits with them. Maybe if it were in red or blue or beige? But the pink definitely makes it fun and it wouldn’t be called “Neon” without it! Nicole, shouldn’t there be a Soule Phenomenon loyalty card or something? Haha! 🙂

An accidental effect with curves in Photoshop. But it works!

Photo from Soule Phenomenon

Neon and Jane (one of them's from Justin and one from me!)

I have another pair from my parents but they’re too big so my mom’s going to have them changed. They’re from Charles and Keith and as I recall, they’re black, patent cap-toe pumps with this ruffled animal print pleather in front. I searched for them in the Charles and Keith website but failed to find them. Hopefully, they’ll come home soon! Whoopeedoo! ♥

Oh, and aside from by birthday pairs, I also bought these from our trip to Hong Kong 2 weeks ago!

Hong Kong Heels

I got them for $160 HKD which is roughly about P960. Amazing! What’s even more amazing is I saw the tan ones at The Ramp, Crossings but in black and they went for P2,500! They didn’t even change the brand or anything. What a great buy 🙂

Can’t wait to post photos of the Charles and Keith ones! Okay that’s it, I have to go to bed now. So excited to wear my Neon heels to OJT tomorrow!


5 Responses to “Best Birthday EVER!”

  1. 1 meee

    leopard print shoes reminds me of MelB =)) and and spice girls playing on my ipod =))

  2. Hahahahaha! Except hers would be wedges!

  3. love all your shoes!!!

  4. 5 anonymous

    Hi! Where in hk did you buy those heels?

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