Peanut’s Puppies


Peanut, my poodle, gave birth 2 days ago! 🙂 We had complications so we rushed her to the vet at 2am in the morning. Just as I thought, there were 2 puppies! Wow, I guess the number 2 is Peanut’s lucky number.

I was worried that Peanut might not allow her pups to nurse since she’s never liked any other dog and I was right. But! After hours of trying to create a bond between mother and sons (yes they’re both male!), she now loves them more than anything. Even more than me! 😦 And more than pooping and peeing! She went almost 2 days (2 again!) because she didn’t want to leave her puppies. I named them Skippy and Goober, by the way.

Skippy (bottom) and Goober

Peanut right after the delivery! 🙂

Thank you!

Can’t wait for them to open their eyes! 🙂


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