Dogs, dogs, and more dogs.


What’s new? Well my laptop Coolio needs major hard drive surgery. He’s currently a vegetable resting in a warm, zebra printed case. Also, Justin’s got a new dog. A husky named Sasha. She’s Pepper’s (Justin’s other dog, a dachshund) biggest fan. Sasha follows Pepper everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Here they are on the day Sasha arrived at Justin’s.

I’d edit the photos in Lightroom but I’m too lazy tonight … … …

Sasha, Justin and Pepper

Pepper love

Sasha love

The title of this entry’s “Dogs, dogs, and more dogs” so there’s got to be more dogs, right? So here’s Diego, a.k.a. Small Dog. She’s a destructive, hyperactive, drooling little Boston Terrier. Peanut and Pierre’s cousin.

It’s pretty hard to get a good shot of this crazy dog.

Diego a.k.a. Small Dog

The orange things behind her are the remains of Pierre’s favorite orange stress ball.

Acting like a good puppy

(I mistakenly trapped Small Dog in my room about 20 minutes ago. Now, rotten banana peels, toilet paper, newspaper, which used to be in my trash can are now scattered the floor. My bed is wet, there’s poop on the bathroom floor which is covered in muddy paw prints. Small Dog sucks.)


Moving on to the next topic, where did you go during Holy Week? We went to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin. The very first thing that we did once we landed was white water rafting.


Super fun and will definitely do it again!


I have a relatively new pair of sandals from Celine and slippers from Camiguin but I haven’t taken a photo yet so next time! For now, check out this awesome peanut I found that looks like a butt!

I'm uploading it on totallylookslike in a minute!


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