Oh man, I meant for this to be a quick post but I doubt it will be. So here goes…

Last Feb 14 (Valentine’s), Justin and I went all the way to Clark for the 15th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We missed a whole lot of friends by half an hour! It was their fault though. Who stays for less than 4 hours??

Most of the photos are black and white because I was trying to take shots for our photography assignment which has to be black and white.


Finally wore Stitches out! I have to say, it felt weird walking in them. Like I was tiptoeing! But aside from that, Stitches was fine.

Tiptoe to the window... ♫♪


I finally got a pair of Cris heels from Sapato Manila! My mom got them for me last Thursday and they are ♥ ♥ ♥. Wore them tonight to a family dinner at Saisaki.

I’m still loving Shelley!!! Mom, if you read this, Shelley please!!!!!!!!!! Zchenk yeao.

Sapato Manila should have a loyalty card! Free pair on the 6th purchase!


5 Responses to “Mishmash”

  1. 1 meee

    last picture.. iLike =D

  2. Wala na the comment’s wrong hahaha

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