Silk and Stitches


Wow this is probably my most creative title yet! And it came to me in a heartbeat.

Check out these photos taken by the h-amazing Jowell Mariano of Imagine Nation Photography. Swerte, libre!

Location: Mall of Asia

Lolo Lenny the Lumix!

That's Jowell

I ❤ This

New scarf from Kultura/Soule Phenomenon heels

The "Silk" portion of the entry

Some photos I took with Jowell’s camera:

My photography class submission for Perspective & Distortion

I want a DSLR 😦


Here’s Stitches, my newest pair from Summersault (inferior phone photos!):

Whoops should've taken the paper off.


Stitches won the battle against Zippers and Weavy (creative juices dried up):


Weavy Weaverson

I heart Weavy. I hope he’s still available after Valentine’s.

I actually went to Summersault’s shop for this pair but good thing I went because my toes stick out in this style. They look great on photo but not on my feet 😦

I need bright blue shoes!!

Oh and I rearranged my shoe shelves!


CLICK for their online shops:

Soule Phenomenon



2 Responses to “Silk and Stitches”

  1. I like these shots. Very fun.

  2. @justalittlepiece thank you! 🙂 they were fun to make

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