Bang, Bang, Bangkal!


BANGKAL: This area in Makati (not the Makati that you and I know. The other side of Makati. The Magallanes, Bautista, Palanan, Evangelista side.) where several thrift stores are found. They sell vintage furniture, home decor, books, cds, records, jewelry, a few clothes, a few shoes, bags, electronics, etc etc etc. You should go there.

I’ve been there twice this week. Here are some photos of a few, few things that you can find at Bangkal:

vintage YSL heels that don't fit me 😦

While you’re there, you should pass by Fat Michael’s. It’s a very homey,  family-owned restaurant that’s been around for 10 years. It has the same feel as Cafe Juanita (Pasig) with it’s organized clutter but with a younger feel. I love the mismatched furniture, random plates and utensils, and of course, the food.

I’ll be back there on Monday after a third trip around Bangkal.

My Day 1 Bangkal haul:

Vintage belts. P50 for both (about $1)

They fit me on a good day

Another vintage belt. P300
Vintage belt. P300 (about $6.43)

My favorite! Vintage multi-way necklace. Be creative! P500 (about $10.72)

Wear it like this or like a harness

I got these for FREE!

Day 2:

More vintage belts! P40 for both ($0.86)

Vintage necklaces. P150 for both ($3.22)

I used to convert.

My mom bought me a table for my room too for P3000 (about $64.33) but I haven’t taken a photo. I’ll post photos of the table and my mom’s Bangkal haul soon.

That’s it! Bangkal + Fat Michael’s on Monday. Yay!


3 Responses to “Bang, Bang, Bangkal!”

  1. 1 meee

    did you take these with my cam? hahaha parang nakita ko yung mga yan sa memory card haha

  2. miss ko na yong place

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