Freezing Action


Our photography assignment for this week is on ‘Freezing Action’ and ‘Panning’. I did a crap job in my panning photos but I’m pretty happy with my freezing action shots. I used my cousin’s Nikon D60 and I wish I could keep it forever but it’s going home on Wednesday 😦 Here are my favorite freezing action shots:

I had to pour water on the leaf and drop those cards while taking a shot! Imaginethat. I took 400+ photos in total and we only need 2 for freezing action and 2 for panning. Dayum.

DSLRs are amazing! Another thing that’s amazing? (whattahorriblesegue) My shoe shelves! My dad made the shelves from plyboards and the platform below the shelves. I helped a bit with the painting and stuff.

The empty space makes me cringe

At least the space will serve as control for how many shoes I should have. Can’t wait to fill it up!

Sigh oh D60, you will be missed! But you are quite a hassle to carry around and my neck hates you. I guess my forever partner will be my beat up, taped, squeaky, scratched, loyal Lenny the Lumix. Maybe I should add a “Lolo”. Loyal Lolo Lenny the Lumix. He’s always with me and I freak when he’s left behind.

An hour before our deadline in photography class! I should check the submissions out. Here’s what I submitted for panning:

Pathetic, I know. I wanted to submit a shot of my dogs but it looks more like a ‘blur’ than ‘panning’.

Is it blurry or is it just me?

Here’s a more successful but unbelievably *boring* panning shot:

Bummer. I missed by thismuch:

I need more practice.


4 Responses to “Freezing Action”

  1. 1 meee

    I’m here!! =DDD ohhh I like the panning shots =D

  2. Really?? My pathetic panning shots? I took a better one with my Lumix in GB5 😦 Escalator shot!

  3. 3 ticko

    i like the water pitcher and ice!!! 😀

  4. Thanks, Ticko!! You NEED to see my room!

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