I was sooo looking forward to last weekend — SuperSale at The Rockwell Tent! My mind was set on buying a pair of shoes. It’s even written in my planner. Particularly the neon Pretty Young Thing pumps from Renegade Folk which I have been constantly checking on. I was waiting for the SuperSale, hoping that they’d be even cheaper in the bazaar but the price was still the same. Anyway, imagine my grief when I found out that my size was sold the day before. Oh man I couldn’t, and still can’t, get over those shoes.

Free shopping bag for the ladies

The day wasn’t entirely a fail. I scored these heels from Soule Phenomenon which immediately reminded me of those satin peeptoe Marnis. Here are my shoes and the Marni heels. Those are one of the first pairs I loved from Sea of Shoes and now I own a look-a-like! They’re very comfortable too. I was wearing my zebra Possibility heels the whole day and had to stand for an hour during mass and they hurt for real but relatively not as bad as some of my other pairs. No blisters! But when I tried on these Soule Phenomenon heels, wow! Super comfortable. They look much better in person. I blame the photo quality.

Soule Phenomenon

Jane Aldridge’s drop dead Marnis.


I also got this super cute top from Rouge Couture. I’m getting the inner dress in black. Thanks, Pan! Visit her online shop at

Sigh… PYT 😦 My heart bleeds. Lesson learned.


One Response to “Supersale!!!”

  1. 1 meee

    ano ba yan, new shoes again! hahaha

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