Feels Like Inshoemnia


It’s 5:20am where I live and I’m still up drawing shoes for… wait for it… my future shoe line! 😀 I really hope this happens. I started sketching earlier today when my mom and I were stuck in expressway traffic. Armed with a tiny piece of paper and my phone as an even tinier light table, I came up with 5 designs within 45minutes plus a slight case of motion sickness. Nice. So now, I’m transferring the designs onto Photoshop which is actually taking much longer than I expected. I would’ve been 5 hours into dreamland if I redrew them by hand. But oh well. Strangely, I feel committed to finish the designs with Photoshop.

One of my inspirations:

This leaf's pretty trippy. Or maybe I just need to sleep?

Christmas is *gasp* 2 days away! I’m still not ready with my gifts. 😦 I’m going to need a Christmas miracle…

Happy Holidays!


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