They’ve Arrived!


Amazing! My shoes from arrived yesterday! Ohhh happy day 🙂 Bummer though, they got the color wrong. I got brown instead of tan 😦

The shoes are freakishly high! 6 inches! But both have hidden platforms so that helps a lot. I can’t wait to wear them!!! I’m ordering for Gojane again for sure.


My "supposedly tan" heels from Wild Diva

My "supposedly tan" heels from Wild Diva




6 inch heels

6 inch heels

❤ I’m totally gonna start wearing heels around the house.


4 Responses to “They’ve Arrived!”

  1. Hi..

    I was checking the internet on how to order from and I found out that they don’t ship here in PI.. I understand from your posts that you’re a frequent shopper. How do you order yours? I’m just dying to own a pair.. Please help..

    Here’s my mobile # 0919.212.2222 (just in case)

  2. Hi, my Lola brought them here for me when she came back from the States. They can actually ship to the Philippines but the additional costs will kill you haha 🙂 If you can’t find someone to bring them home for you, another option would be to look around multiply sites. A lot of those accept orders from shops in the States but you’d have to pay almost twice as much. However, that would still be cheaper than having them shipped here. there are also sites that have on-hand items from CutesyGirl or GoJane. They don’t state it but you can see from the photos that they’re the same. Good luck multiply-hopping 🙂

  3. hahaha. i can totally relate. My dad says im silly for walking with heels inside the house sometimes! hahaha 🙂 what can i do? that’s practice 🙂

  4. Hahaha yes!! Nothing wrong with an extra couple of hours of practice 🙂

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